Guns N' Roses sent fans into a tailspin yesterday after billboards branded with the 'Appetite for Destruction' logo led many to believe that a big announcement relating to their debut album was forthcoming.

Well, there is an announcement imminent, as the countdown clock on their website signifies - but it doesn't look like it's related to a tour.

Many fans had speculated that the band's original line-up - including Steven Adler and Izzy Stradlin - were set to reunite for an 'Appetite for Destruction'-themed tour, but Adler has claimed that he knows nothing about a tour and has not been approached. 

He told Australia's Heavy magazine: "I think it's just a billboard [promoting] a box set of CDs of the GN'R collection. I'm not sure, but that's what I think it is. If it's for the 'Appetite Of Destruction' lineup to be touring together again, which I have been playing for for 25 years, nobody's said anything to me. So I really don't know. But you're definitely gonna be able to see me play 'Appetite For Destruction' with an amazing singer and a great band in Australia... that we definitely have going."

He added: "Until the other GN'R guys wanna get the five of us back together - whoever runs GN'R; I don't know - whenever they're ready, I know that I'm ready. And I am willing, and I'm set."

True enough, it seems that the billboard was indeed advertising a special deluxe reissue of their 1987 album, after an 'unboxing' video leaked to YouTube. It has since been removed, but Consequence of Sound report that the reissue sees 73 tracks spread across 4 CDs or 7 heavyweight LPs, with 49 previously unreleased tracks included. It's reportedly set for release on June 29th.