Since these days Snoop Dogg confines himself to making guest appearances on his friend's records, this greatest hits collection is a welcome reminder of his less respectable (and much more interesting) past. Lean, funky and exceptionally stylish, it reminds you why the embodiment of 90s gangsta rap was always the most intriguing of artists. On the one hand he lived his life under the tabloid spotlights, his safety constantly threatened after being implicated in the murder of a rival gang member. At the same time the finger-clicking raconteur produced a series of drawling, laconic rap records that were quickly acknowledged as amongst the very best the genre had to offer. Eventually Snoop burned himself out, but not before he'd produced such memorable hits as What's My Name? and Gin And Juice, arguably the highlights of this well-chosen compilation. Assuming that his best years are behind him, it's as good a way as any to remember the inimitable Doggfather.