If you saw her on the Late Late Show recently (see the clip below, if not), you'll be aware of Sinéad O'Connor's desire for political change in Ireland.

Well, it seems that she's taking matters into her own hands now, as she has apparently applied for membership of Sinn Féin, according to a blog post on her site that talks about the recent water charge protests, Ireland's violent history and the current state of affairs.

"Anyway, I’m joining Sinn Fein now. If they’ll have me," she wrote. "Just as a regular punter who wants to learn and contribute with whatever strengths I might have or learn. I’d like to see a proper socialist Ireland. I’d like to be educated as to how ordinary people like me can help bring about the changes which would make every child equally cherished and make everyone have equal rights. I realised the best way to revolt is vote. And the only vote that’s gonna give anyone a chance of bringing to fruition paragraphs three and four of the Proclamation of 1916 is Sinn Fein, because no other party at the moment is going to honour that Proclamation. If they were inclined to honour it they’d just hand over and say lets have an election."

In a separate post from the beginning of the month, she also called on all leaders of political parties who are over the age of 35 - including Gerry Adams - to step down.

"We have a system left over from 1922. Fine Fail/Fine Gael/Sinn Fein, all of them. They are of the old order. They are of our violent history. We need new politics. Young people. Not people of the theocracy.Not people of “The War”… This country belongs to the young. Those under 35, who weren’t born of the theocracy or the war ‘Up North’ or the ‘civil war’ political parties which afford them no actual modern choice of their own and which crucify them.Those of us over 35 ought stand down and hand the country to them. They would know far better what to do with it."

According to reports, a spokesperson for Sinn Fein has confirmed that O'Connor's application is being processed.