It's been hard to get away from popsters S Club 7 lately, what with Bradley making an idiot of himself on the morning chart shows, Rachel posing for every lad's magazine on the shelves and their No 1 hit Don't Stop Movin' being voted best record of the year by the viewers of ITV. Now we've got Sunshine, their third album in less than three years - a fair enough workrate given that their career is probably well past its halfway point. That said, as disposable pre-teen pop goes this is well above average. Manager Simon Fuller (formerly of the Spice Girls) is clearly still hiring the best writers and producers going, as Sunshine is an enjoyably harmless collection of catchy disco tunes and agreeably gloopy ballads. Groundbreaking they're not, but on this evidence S Club 7 are certainly a hell of a lot less irritating than Westlife and their like.