Róisín Murphy will release her first album in eight years this May.

'Hairless Toys' is the former Moloko singer's third solo album, following 2007's 'Overpowered', and is out on May 8th.

The album reportedly draws on influences from Grace Jones, European house music and jazz, country and gospel music. Lead single 'Gone Fishing', which you can hear below, was inspired by the film 'Paris is Burning' - a 1990 documentary about the African-American, Latino and LGBT communities of New York in the '80s.

"I was deeply moved by this film," she said. "It's about the outcasts who could never fit into mainstream society and how they created a safe place in the drag 'Ball' scene of New York in the ‘80s."

The tracklisting of 'Hairless Toys' is:

Gone Fishing
Evil Eyes
Uninvited Guest
House Of Glass
Hairless Toys (Gotta Hurt)

Murphy has already been announced for Electric Picnic in September.