He's already made plenty of headlines this week with a video showing him serenading his wife while she attempts to endure labour, but Robbie Williams might well be in the news tomorrow morning for entirely different reasons.

You will likely have heard by now that promoters MCD are set to announce a major concert in a press conference in Croker tomorrow and speculation has been traversing the internet endlessly as to who that might be.

The three most common names being circulated are U2, The Script and Robbie Williams.

Initially the U2 speculation seemed to make the most sense. They have a new album out (as you might have heard), are definitely in Ireland at the moment and Croke Park is the only venue in the country with a capacity to serve the massive demand for tickets that would ensure. As well as that, a homecoming gig in the country's most famous structure would very much go hand-in-hand with the homegrown, reflective nature which swims through their latest record 'Songs of Innocence'.

Then we got to thinking, do U2 really need to hold press conference to announce a live date? MCD have said that the act will be present to hold a Q&A with the media and smile happily for photographs in a move clearly designed to kick-start the promotional bandwagon and drive ticket sales. The very name 'U2' on a ticket stub, especially in Ireland, does that on its own.

So, if we can rule that one out, who's left? The Script make perfect sense. They too have a new record in shops and having already sold out live dates in The Aviva, the step-up to the 80,000 capacity stadium seems to be appropriate.

So, that's where we had it as of an hour ago but there's new information to hand now.

Robbie Williams (who you might remember him from the popular pop act Take That?) has just announced a massive European tour (see above) and, rather interestingly, has done so without including ANY Irish dates. Something's fishy here, right?

It would beggar belief for Williams, who's been so popular with Irish audiences over the years, to leave Ireland off of his tour itinerary entirely and this is exactly why we think that he'll be rolled out in front of the media tomorrow morning in Croker to announce details of headline gig in the stadium some time next summer. The timing of everything is just too coincidental for it to be anything else. It should also be noted that Williams is an MCD artist.

So there you have it: our purely speculative money is on Mr. Williams being announced at Croke Park tomorrow, otherwise there'll be some serious hat-eating going on inside our office tomorrow lunchtime.

Let's just hope they've run this by the Croke Park residents first..

EDIT: Time to eat our hats, we were COMPLETELY WRONG.