And we'd say 'Listen here!' but unless you caught it on BBC Radio 1 at 1pm or have a Tidal subscription, you can't, because she's only gone and put it behind Tidal's pay-to-listen wall.

With reports suggesting that we could be finally getting Rihanna's long-awaited eighth studio album 'ANTI' this week (probably Friday, in line with global music releases these days but possibly before then in a quasi-Beyoncé move), we finally got a listen to a new track from the album in the form of her collaboration with Drake entitled 'Work'.

'Work' is the first time Rihanna and Drake have teamed up since 2012's 'Take Care'. The reason there's such hype around the album is because we actually haven't had one from her since 2012's 'Apologetic', and before then Rihanna was banging out albums annually.

Whether 'ANTI', which already has quite the mix of songs on it ('Bitch Better Have My Money', FourFIveSeconds' and 'American Oxygen'), lives up to the hits of yore remains to be seen.

You can listen on Tidal here, or listen back on BBC Radio 1's iPlayer (if it's in a cooperating mood).

Update: Here's a rip of the song from BBC Radio 1, which will probably disappear quite fast so get clicking.