There have been persistent rumours of a Kinks reunion over the past few years, but according to Ray Davies, the legendary band may be closer to a comeback than ever before.

Davies - who has been advocating for a reunion for several years - has been talking more ardently about the possibility in recent weeks, and it seems that the other two surviving members, including his brother Dave, with whom he has had an acrimonious relationship, and drummer Mick Avory, are both on board.

He said last that a new album and some live shows were on the cards, and now says that the new songs that he has written "need to be aired".

He told Sirius XM: “I’ve got all these great songs — I think they’re great — that need to be aired.

"There’s something about the chemistry of the Kinks — if I can get them on the right day, we can produce it. It will be down to the music — if we can make four or five tracks that we really feel are energised and in keeping with what we can do, I’ll consider it."

He added: "Individually they’re both up for it. There’s a whole reservoir of songs we half-did in the ‘70s and ‘80s, so there’s material there — we wouldn’t just go out and play the hits.

“If I can get Dave and Mick in the same room — I’ve spoken with them independently and they’re both on board spiritually, but whether they can handle it, I don’t know."

Whether this comes to fruition is a different matter, but we'd be lying if we said we weren't intrigued by the prospect...