Heavily tattooed and sporting multiple piercings, the four young Californians who make up Payable On Death look indistinguishable from mindless nu-metallers such as Linkin Park and Limp Bizkit. There's just one big difference - P.O.D. are committed Christian rockers and leading lights of what's fast becoming a massively popular genre within the American music industry. While this naturally ruins whatever credibility they might have had with the critics, their music is far better than the sneerers might imagine - fast, melodic grunge with the odd orchestral flourish and a genuinely great singer in Paul "Sonny" Sandoval. On the perversely impressive Satellite they play to their strengths, banging out a series of killer tunes and throwing in the odd curved ball such as a lyrical dissection of American high-school massacres. Politically correct P.O.D. are not, but intriguing? Undeniably.