No big deal, it's just one of rock music's greatest frontmen, hanging out with the guitarist from one of the biggest bands in the world...

Michael Stipe - frontman of the now-defunct R.E.M. - has been a semi-regular visitor to our shores in recent years, as it's believed he has friends in Dublin and was spotted a couple of years ago hanging out in barbers-cum-gig venue Abner Browne's in Rathmines.

Now, he has posted a picture to Instagram this evening hanging out with The Edge, captioned: "EDGE !!! Investigating future health achieved through diet and lifestyle via Angiogenesis! @u2 check it out it's awesome"

(FYI, angiogenesis is "the physiological process through which new blood vessels form from pre-existing vessels" and The Edge sits on the board of directors of the Angiogenesis Foundation, in case you were wondering.)

He looks pretty unrecognisable with that bushy beard and gnarly nose piercing, so if you're in Dublin and passed someone on the street and thought 'That guy would look really like Michael Stipe if he didn't have that beard', well, chances are that it was him. 

He's also been at Trinity College earlier, captioning the below picture: "SHARON BLANKSON !!! The ever astonishing... she's focused on building pods for guests, and Japanese history of art at Trinity".

Sharon Blankson is U2's creative consultant/stylist, which means a  selfie with Bono is surely imminent at this rate...