If you were wondering what The Libertines were up to lately, the short (and admittedly, bizarre) answer is that they're building their own hotel in the English seaside resort of Margate.

The Albion Rooms (which also includes a recording studio) was set to open this summer but the opening date has yet to be announced - but it does mean that the London band are spending more time in Margate.

In fact, frontman Pete Doherty was spotted there the other day, at a cafe in the town that offered a 'Breakfast Challenge'; you know, one of those obscenely large platters of fried breakfast food that looks like it could feed a family of five.

The Dalby Cafe's challenge included four rashers of bacon, four eggs, four sausages, hash browns, onion rings, bubble and squeak, beans or mushrooms, two slices of thick bread, and a quarter-pounder burger and chips - and if you manage to finish it in under 20 minutes, you get to eat for free.

Sure enough, Doherty - who sat outside with his dog while he ate - finished the plate in 19 minutes and 30 seconds. 

The subsequent photo evidence has gone viral online: