Last week, Dublin band Fight Like Apes covered the Pet Shop Boys classic 'Go West', giving it their own spin for the forthcoming Marriage Referendum by changing the lyrics to 'Vote Yes'.

The video got a great reaction from the Irish music community - but now it seems that even Messrs. Tennant and Lowe have seen the video, as they tweeted their approval of it this afternoon by saying 'Great version, great message.'



Tennant in particular seems to have kept a close eye on the marriage equality proceedings in Ireland, as he had previously tweeted his support for Panti in the wake of the Pantigate hoo-ha.

In any case, there's nothing quite like a pop legend giving you their seal of approval to put a spring in your step.

Fight Like Apes released their eponymous third album last Friday and launch it with three dates at Charleville Castle in Co. Offaly later this week.