The opening night of Beyonce and Jay Z's 'On the Run II' tour took place in Cardiff last night, and one of the biggest talking points of the evening was when an image of both Beyonce and Jay-Z holding two small children - whom most people assumed to be her twin babies, Sir and Rumi - was emblazoned on the giant screen.

Considering that the twins have been pretty much out of the spotlight and there have been no photo updates of them since the very first one just after they were born, the photos (one either side of a screen that said 'Love Never Changes') was quite a big deal - except they weren't actually their kids.

In the midst of everyone getting excited, a rep for the couple confirmed to Buzzfeed News that the two babies were not, in fact, Rumi and Sir. Which is more than a little strange, if you ask us.

So who are the prop babies? No one knows. 

See the pic below: