It's an unlikely pairing, we'll say that much - but it seems that Paul Simon has written the theme song for comedian/actor Louis C.K.'s new web series, 'Horace & Pete'.

C.K. uploaded the pilot - which is based around he and Steve Buscemi as brothers running a dive bar - as a surprise to fans at the weekend, but it seems that no one copped immediately that Paul Simon was responsible for the music.

Stereogum pointed out that you can hear Simon's voice at the intro, the intermission and the closing credits, with lyrics like:

“Hell no, I can’t complain about my problems
I’m OK the way things are
I pull my stool up to the bar at Horace And Pete’s
Sometimes I wonder, why do we tear ourselves to pieces?
I just need some time to think
Or maybe I just need a drink
At Horace And Pete’s"

Hear an instrumental snippet of the song below: