The ongoing 'will they/won't they' saga in relation to an Oasis reunion has been given a new twist this morning.

The Sun newspaper reports that the band's original members are in talks to reunite - but without Noel.

In recent times, Noel has been adamant that he has no interest in getting back together with his brother Liam and his old bandmates, as he pursues his own solo career - but Liam has appeared more open to the possibility.

If true, the move might not go down too well with some fans who consider Noel, the band's main songwriter, to be the engine of Oasis.

A 'source' told the paper: “It’s very early days but the wheels are in motion. Liam, Guigsy, Bonehead and Tony are all interested and keen to see how it can work.

“They don’t seem to mind Noel not being on board, even though some fans won’t regard it as a proper Oasis reunion.

“But as Noel wants no part in the band, it’s the closest they are going to get to a full-scale comeback.”

What do you think - Oasis without Noel: a good or bad idea?