If you were wondering what you might need in the front row of a Noel Gallagher gig, a bubble machine would probably be pretty low down on the list.

Let's face it, the man is not renowned for his love of fluff and fripperies. 

The fan in question's ill-judged move backfired when Gallagher stopped the gig in Melbourne because he was distracted by the bubbles.

According to News.com.au, the funniest man in music said: "Hey, El Houdini. Someone actually brought a fucking bubble machine to a gig. You're a magician? Why don’t you make the fucking bubbles disappear then?"

He added: "Did you pay to get in? Or did you magic yourself through the fucking door? If you bought a ticket, you're a shit magician."

They claim that he later said: "If they mention in the fucking review of this gig that I had a shit bubble machine on stage you’re in fucking big trouble."

Sorry Noel, but a story this good simply has to be reported...