What do you do when you're on a long, boring bus journey between cities in the midst of a European tour?

Well, if you're Noel Gallagher, you spent most of the journey on Instagram, winding up skateboarders.

Gallagher was on a long 5-hour drive from Vienna to Munich yesterday, and decided to pass the time with some pretty amusing pictures that took the piss out of the... ahem... "skating community'.

He has form on the subject of skateboarders, referring to them in an interview recorded at a festival last year but only unearthed recently as a "sport for fucking little idiots".

Other comments included: "Skateboarders can, quite frankly, go and fuck themselves" and "I've never seen a skateboarder, ever, in the streets of the entire world, try and do something and not fall off. The fuck's that all about?"

His comments drew a backlash from several pro-skateboarders, one of which, Alex Olson, posted on Instagram: "Don't throw stones in a glass house, Liam.... If you wanna talk about falling off,Let's talk about that career of yours?" (Psssst... wrong brother, Alex).

However, the whole kerfuffle did at least provide some entertainment for Noel on his bus, as he posted the below pictures to Instagram:


Caption: "Skating Rules.." 


Caption: "Ok..look..ðŸ'€..there are clearly some people who are still upset by this.. so for the record I apologise to all "The Skating Community"..(whatever that is)."

Caption: "All of you.."

Caption: "Everyone.."

Caption: "SKATE OR DIE!"

Caption: "SKATE OR FLY?"




Caption: "So my 5 hour bus ride from Vienna to Munich has unfortunately come to and end. You may have guessed I was bored out of my tiny mind. You keep it real now skater boyz. âÂÂ?¤ï¸ÂÂ?"

Never change, Noel.