It's a fact of life that those 'Oasis reunion' rumours will continue to plague both Liam and Noel Gallagher until the day that... well, they actually reform.

Noel in particular is asked about it a lot, and in a new interview he concedes that there is a possibility that he might reform the band - or at least play a set of Oasis songs, rather than throwing the odd one in with his solo material, as he currently does.

However, he told the Daily Mirror that it was unlikely that Liam would be part of it, because he "is a very angry man still."

He said: "I could see a day where, myself, I could do shows with just Oasis songs.”

"[Liam] tends to make the easiest things really difficult.​ â€‹Liam is a very angry man still. So he is not cool. I might think about it.  There might come a day, one day, where it might seem like a good idea, but I have so much I want to do on my own."

He's right about his relationship with Liam not being great at the moment; the latter's most recent tweet was taking a potshot at Noel's recent collaboration with Damon Albarn, playing a Gorillaz song live, which you can see below: