In a lengthy interview with the Daily Mail, Michael Bublé has said that his upcoming album, 'Love', will be his last.

The crooner discussed his son's recent diagnosis with liver cancer and how it put both his career and his family life in perspective, and how it's changed his own feelings on celebrity as a whole. "Going through this with Noah, I didn’t question who I was, I just questioned everything else. Why are we here? Is this all there is? Because if this is all there is, there has to be something bigger," said Bublé.

He went on, adding that he never thought he'd "come back to the music business" after his sons diagnosis. "I never fell out of love with music, I just needed to put it aside," Bublé explained. 'Love' will be his tenth album, however the Canadian-Italian singer now claims it will be his last as he's done both with the celebrity lifestyle and making albums.

"I’m retiring from the business. I’ve made the perfect record and now I can leave at the very top," said Bublé, finishing out the interview. Well, if we take him it as his word, that's all there is to it.

Expect a tour announcement pretty shortly after 'Love' is released on November 16th.