What has happened to McFly? What has happened to the power pop punk, inspired by whoever inspired Busted? Certainly not lurking about their 80s stadium rawk opener, 'We Are the Young' - an unnerving blend of Van Halen and Queen with squeaky boyband falsettos. Perhaps the four-piece are trying to endear themselves to the parents of their target audience, who might part with money for stratospherically priced concert tickets more readily if under the illusion that McFly's offerings might transport them back to their youth. The 80s rock theme is a prevalent undercurrent of this, their third album (recorded within two weeks in Westmeath's Grouse Lodge Studios, fact fans).The most glaring examples of which are 'Sorry's Not Good Enough' (Queen meets Wham!), 'Bubblewrap' (Queen meets Westlife), 'Transylvania' (Queen meets the Beachboys), 'Friday Night' (random 80s guitar rock mish mash meets the riff from Bloc Party's Helicopter), and obviously 'Don't Stop me Now' (Queen meets McFly).Other than that, we've McFly goes a little bit country on the very pretty 'Walk in the Sun', a little bit Guns 'n Roses in 'Home is Where the Heart is,' and a little bit Bryan Adams in 'Please, Please'. If playing "name that tune" for approximately 56 minutes doesn't quite hold your attention, perhaps attune your ear to their truly inspired lyrical content. Some choice examples include a line from 'Star Girl,' which goes "There's nothing on earth that can save us/ When I find love with Uranus." If that wasn't enough to cock an eyebrow, here are some from 'Little Joanna'; "And that's why I'm kissaphobic/ Where cellulite dreams were made/ Llike lemonade... She will always be my sun kissed trampoline." With quality production, infuriatingly catchy choruses (try getting 'Star Girl' out of your head) and pointedly giggle inducing lyrics; these cheeky chappies (sadly) won't be going anywhere in a hurry.