Two members of One Direction have been ordered to pay a 'weed bond' before entering the Phillipines, according to reports, to prevent their Filipino fans from potentially being 'tainted' by their bad influence.

Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik found themselves in a spot of bother last year after a video was 'leaked' of them allegedly smoking marijuana in a car on the way to a gig in South America.

According to Billboard, the duo - who are currently on tour in South-East Asia with One Direction - must pay a bond of 200,000 pesos (€4,179)  plus a processing fee of 20,000 pesos (€418) each upon entering the country. The bond is enforced by the Phillipine Bureau of Immigration and if they are caught using or 'impliedly promoting' illegal drugs during their stay in the country, they will forfeit the money.

A spokeswoman also said that the pop group will be prevented from playing their gigs in Manila on March 21st and 22nd if the bond is not posted beforehand - but it appears that a representative has since done so.