It took them a hundred years (well, close to it) to finally release 'Chinese Democracy' - but it looks like we may not be waiting as long for Guns N' Roses to follow it up.

With the rock band coming together for an appearance at Coachella in April as well as dates in Las Vegas and Mexico, reports suggest that guitarist Slash is currently in the studio working on material that will be used by the band. In other words, if you're planning to see them live, you'll have to stand through new stuff rather than see them bang out the hits.

Their former publicist Arlett Vereecke told Classic Rock Magazine: "I know they’re doing some recording. They’re definitely doing something there in the studio. Axl hasn’t been there, but Slash is definitely in there and it’s not for anyone else."

Another former manager, Alan Niven said that Duff McKagan and Izzy Stradlin had also been working on new music: "Duff and Izzy were in the studio before Christmas doing stuff,” he said. “At a casual glance, I think they’ve got at least a couple of tracks down."

No word on what Axl's up to. Perhaps getting his cornrows adjusted. 

Via Uproxx