Any band that sells over 15m copies of its debut album will probably conclude that it must be doing something right. And sure enough, nu-metal upstarts Linkin Park haven't exactly decided to push the boat out on this eagerly-anticipated followup - instead, Meteora sticks closely to the tried and tested formula that made Hybrid Theory the commercial sensation of 2001. So what exactly is that formula? Essentially it's a frantic mix of chantalong rap and bludgeoning metal, the sort of thing that sends angst-ridden kids into frenzied excitement and gives their long-suffering parents one almighty headache. And while it's not exactly subtle, it is ferociously effective - particularly when the production values are as pristine as they are here. If Meteora has a problem it's that it's just a little too polished for its own good - like a shiny new piece of technology the songs are slick and powerful, but also just a little cold and heartless. But who's complaining? Certainly not anyone who bought and enjoyed Hybrid Theory - which means that the rise of Linkin Park looks set to continue for some time to come.