A court case involving photos and records of Kurt Cobain's death scene is currently underway in Seattle.

Cobain's widow Courtney Love and his daughter Frances Bean Cobain have written to judge Theresa Doyle, who is hearing evidence today to decide whether a case related to the Nirvana frontman's death should proceed to trial.

The Seattle Times reported that Richard Lee, who runs a local public access TV station, is suing the Seattle Police Department for material that he says will prove that Cobain's death was not suicide, but murder.

Cobain died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound in 1994, but there have been several conspiracy theories over the years that contend that he was murdered - and Lee says that photos and records of the scene of his death, which have remained sealed until now, will prove his case.

In her letter to the court, Frances Bean Cobain said that she already undergoes significant harassment from fans of her late father's music - including a fan that broke into her home because he "believed [her] father's soul had entered [her] body," and that photos of his death scene being made public would only intensify the attention.

"I have had to cope with many personal issues because of my father's death," she wrote. "Coping with even the possibility that those photographs could be made public is very difficult. Further sensationalizing it through the release of these pictures would cause us indescribable pain."

Neither Love nor Cobain have seen the photos to date, they say.