It was reported back in December that Rita Ora was suing Jay Z's Roc Nation as she felt "orphaned' as the empire expanded beyond music and into the fields of "sports management and other interests." 

At the time, Us Weekly reported that: "Ora originally signed with Roc Nation back in 2008, when she was 18 years old. Now that it’s been seven years since, she can potentially invoke California’s “seven year rule.” (The British singer now resides in California)... Ora’s main complaint is that she is currently 'self-funding her promotional television appearances, recording costs and video projects' now that she’s been 'orphaned' by Roc Nation after it switched distribution partners from Sony to Universal - but left her behind at Sony."

Well, Jay Z's come out fighting, as Roc Nation is now countersuing the songstress for "breaking her contract and failing to deliver new albums." 

The following comes via Cosmopolitan: "Roc Nation claims that it's spent over $2 million marketing Rita and her still-unreleased second album, and says they have 'tirelessly promoted' her career. Rita's contract with Roc Nation specified that she would release five albums; so far she has only delivered one, Ora, which was never released in the U.S. According to Rita's lawyer Howard King, Jay Z has already told her that she can leave the label if she wants, and told the Daily News that he believes the countersuit was filed in order to meet a court deadline. 'He said he's happy to let her go,' King said. 'He called her the day we filed and graciously said she didn't need to file'."


So the suing for a couple of million is merely a formality. There's absolutely no beef here at all.