Has that Janet Jackson no shame? First, she experiences what the Americans discreetly call a 'wardrobe malfunction' at the Super Bowl. Now, she releases a bumper 22-track album packed with songs about just how much fun she's having in the sack these days. The song titles alone tell the story ('Moist', 'All Nite (Don't Stop)', 'Sexhibition') - at times, in fact, you're not sure whether you're listening to a CD or you've just rung up one of those 1550 chatlines. Happily, however, Jackson has more than enough hits-in-the-waiting here to back up her outrageous self-promotion. Damita Jo is simply top-quality R'n'B, packed with snappy rhythms, slinky basslines and, most importantly, explosive choruses that you can expect to hear all over your radio from now until round about Christmas. It might not do her family's reputation much good - but at least it goes to show that whatever else you say about those Jacksons, you certainly can't deny their exceptional musical talent.