This one has been quietly bothering us for some time now, just who is that bloke that looks so familiar in Adele's music video 'Hello'? Yes we know we could always google it but sure who has time for these things.

Anyways, after further investigation (eh, googling) turns out it's former 90210 actor Tristan Wilds, who played Annie's adopted brother Dixon Wilson in the reboot of the series.

Maybe you knew that off the bat and sure if you did, fair play to you. (Now if had been Luke Perry we'd have been all over it.) Fans of The Wire will also know the 25-year-old actor as as Michael Lee.

Wilds plays Adele's fella in her new video, aka the dude she is trying to say hello from the other side to.

The actor is currently working on his music career which is doing relatively well across the pond with Wilds gaining an Grammy nomination back in 2013 for his debut album New York: A Love Story, however he lost out to Rihanna. And sure if you're going to lose to anyone...

So now, there you have it. That's who he is. You are WELCOME.