We wonder(wall) who could have taken it...

Greater Manchester Police have appealed for the return of a painting of Oasis stolen from an art gallery in Bury in a very novel way - by littering the statement with Gallagher brothers song titles.

The painting of the now defunct Britpop legends, an original work by artist Olga Tsarevska Lomax, was nabbed from the Art Gallery & Gift Shop on the city's Bolton Street sometime in the wee hours of Monday morning.

In a call to action to the public for information, PC Katherine Gosling couldn't resist throwing in a few cheeky Oasis references.

"Quite what the master plan behind this theft is I don't know", the statement reads. "But a local business has been broken into and a one of a kind piece of artwork taken.

"This was the only piece taken and some might say we are therefore looking for an Oasis fan - similarly it may have been stolen to order. Regardless we are keen to find it and return it."

Nice to see they're taking the theft seriously, anyway.