Croke Park should never again host concerts on four or five consecutive evenings, according to a report issued by Labour Relations Commission Chief Executive Kieran Mulvey. Mr Mulvey also recommended a 'Garth Brooks Legacy Fund' of €500,000 to be allocated to the local community.

GAA Director General Páraic Duffy confirmed that the GAA would pay out the sum recommended by Mr Mulvey.

This fund comes as a white flag of sorts after months of bickering after Aiken Promotions and Croke Park announced five Garth Brooks concerts to take place on consecutive evenings in July, after boy-band One Direction played three dates earlier this year.

Mr Mulvey's report found that relations between local Croke Park residents and the GAA are very hostile and that the residents' quality of life has been diminished as a result of the concerts.

The residents had requested that no concerts take place in the next two years, while Croke Park has stated they would agree to staging just three. As it stands the talks are at an impasse.

GAA Director Duffy admitted on RTE's Morning Ireland that five consecutive concerts was too many but insisted that the GAA has also done numerous good deeds for the area. Mr Duffy stated that concerts will not take place on more than three consecutive days in future.

Croke Park residents will meet next Tuesday to discuss this latest information but, whatever happens at this stage, it seems that it's unavoidable that the Garth Brooks concerts will be embroiled in controversy when they eventually take place.

(via RTE)