Every Friday, we'll have a fun pop quiz on what's been happening in the world of music every week.

Who turns down an opportunity to assume a smug sense of self-importance by out-scoring your friends and colleagues on pop trivia? If you've been glued to our Music News section this week, this will be easy-peasy. If not, well, you know what to do next week.

We'll post the answers here on Monday morning.

Good luck!

1. Band Aid 30 was released this week, but how many previous versions of the song have been released in total?

2. What '80s band best known for their hit 'Africa' announced a Dublin gig for 2015?

3. A well-known posh British actress guested in the video for Scottish indie heartthrob Paolo Nutini's new single 'One Day'. Who is she?

4. Which Irish rock superstar was badly injured after falling off his bike in New York earlier this week?

5. 'Lips are Movin' is the second single by which young American pop star who has no concern for 'the treble'?

6. What bootylicious pop star released two new songs – '7/11' and 'Ring Off' – this week?

7. Which indie band recently split, paving the way for a potential Oasis reunion in 2015?

8. One Direction launched their fourth album 'Four' this week, but one of them was missing from their US promotional duties for a couple of days. Which one was it?

9. The New Basement Tapes is the 'supergroup' featuring Elvis Costello, but is fronted by which young British folk superstar?

10. Which supergroup - featuring two zany British pop-rock bands from the noughties - were added to the line-up for the Cheerios Childline Concert this week? [Hint: they've seen the future, and not much has changed - but we live underwater]