US financial magazine Forbes has revealed the highest-paid musician of 2014 - and it's not necessarily a person who might immediately spring to mind.

Beyoncé, Lady Gaga and One Direction have all undertaken lucrative worldwide tours in 2014, but it's rapper Dr. Dre who has raked in the most cash.

Thanks primarily to his Beats by Dre empire being bought out by Apple earlier in the year, he earned a whopping $620 million.

Beyoncé was second in line, earning $115 million and The Eagles collectively earned $100 million, placing them third.

The full list of those who might be persuaded to lend you a tenner 'til payday is below. 

Dr Dre - $620m 
Beyoncé - $115m 
The Eagles - $100m
Bon Jovi - $82m
Bruce Springsteen - $81m 
Justin Bieber - $80m 
One Direction - $75m 
Paul McCartney - $71m 
Calvin Harris - $66m 
Toby Keith: $65m 
Taylor Swift: $64m 
Jay Z - $60m 
Diddy - $60m 
Bruno Mars - $60m
Justin Timberlake - $57m 
Pink - $52m 
Michael Buble - $51m 
Rihanna - $48m 
Rolling Stones - $47m 
Roger Waters - $46m