And it did not go down well.

The being formerly known as Kanye West (we’ll get to that in a minute) appeared on Saturday Night Live last night as a late replacement for Ariana Grande and it didn’t take him long to make deadlines.

After performing ‘I Love It’ (dressed as a bottle of Perrier) and ‘K.T.S.E’, and instead of partaking in the traditional cast farewell over the credits, West put on his M.A.G.A hat and started into a third song, ‘Ghost Town’.

When that was over, and after the broadcast had ended, he began riffing about the Democrats, ‘Get Out’ and Donald Trump. It’s fair to say his ramblings didn’t get much support in the room.

Thankfully that footage of him bombing has emerged. Chris Rock, of all people, captured a video and uploaded it to Instagram as did a couple of others present.

Here’s what he had to say:

Our favourite bit is the two people clapping.

And in an expression of peak notions, he also announced over the weekend that he was changing his name to ‘Ye’. We think ‘Ye Gobshite’ and ‘Ye Bleedin’ Dope’ work better but each to their own.

Via: Variety Fair