One of the perils of getting older is that it only hits you when you learn the current ages of famous people that you associated with being 'young'. Obviously it shouldn't come as a surprise: even celebs and rich people get older - shock! But it does. Sob.

In other words, finding out the current ages of Hanson will probably make you go: 'Wha… but… they were… when I was… ah, shite.'

Here's a list of the formerly perennially-youthful musicans of your youth that will probably act as a bit of a reality check.



 EMINEM is currently 42. The rapper was 27 when he broke through with 'The Slim Shady LP' in 1999.



While we're on a rap tip, guess how old COOLIO is these days? 51. Fifty-one. This year marks the twentieth anniversary of the release of 'Gangsta's Paradise'. Now we feel really old.



The eldest member of the BACKSTREET BOYS, Kevin Richardson, is now 42. The youngest member, Nick Carter, is 35.



Oh, and remember Nick's little twerp of a kid brother, AARON CARTER? He's now 27. Shudder.

Speaking of little brothers, SAMANTHA MUMBA and her little brother OMERO were moderately well-known in Ireland for a short while in the early '00s. He released a single called 'Lil' Big Man' in 2002, when he was 13. He's now almost 26. (We couldn't find a pic of modern-day Omero - if you're reading this, Omero, do send one in.) Samantha is 32, BTW.



Right, on to HANSON. The three brothers Isaac, Taylor and Zac had barely hit puberty when they released 'MmmmBOP!' in 1997. (In fact, Zac probably hadn't). These days, youngest bro Zac is almost 30. THIRTY. Isaac, the eldest, is 34 and Taylor – the pretty one – is 32 and a father of five children. Jaysus.



Here, remember WHIGFIELD? The '90s one-hit-wonder was actually in Dublin recently for the launch of Vodafone Centre Stage, and looking pretty amazing at 45. Yes, she's 45 and it's been 21 years since 'Saturday Night'. Get over it.


Another '90s pop act, you ask? How about 2UNLIMITED, aka Ray Slijngaard and Anita Doth? Their biggest hit 'No Limits' was released in 1993. They're now both 43, making them 21 at the peak of their power.



Alright, one more '90s pop star. HADDAWAY, of 'What is Love?' fame, turned 50 this January.


Sure even NOEL GALLAGHER is getting on these days. The former Oasis guitarist and current High Flying Birds frontman just turned 48. Noel Gallagher, the soundtrack to your teenage years, is two years away from being 50. Just let that one sink in.