Nobody really knows what Enya gets up to most of the time, sitting in her castle in Dalkey; is she writing songs? Is she watching the rest of us? Is she even a real person?

Well, the first question is certainly true as the reclusive iconic trad/folk singer is releasing a new album next month.

It's been seven years since her last album 'And Winter Came…', but 'Dark Sky Island' - her eighth studio album - is out on November 20th.

Enya has sold a whopping 75 million albums worldwide over the years, all with little to no promotion or live performances. No mean feat.

'Dark Sky Island' was inspired by the island of Sark, in the Channel Islands, being designated a 'dark sky island'; there are no streetlights on the island, and cars are outlawed, making it one of the best places to stargaze.

According to Enya: "This album has a theme of journeys. Journeys to the island; through the length of a lifetime; through history, through emotions; and journeys across great oceans. So although it’s not a ‘themed’ album, as such, we nevertheless have an underlying connection between songs.”

See the artwork and hear album track 'Echoes in Rain' below: