Well, who else thought that the whole 'David Duchovny is releasing an album' story was an April Fools' joke? 

The joke is on us because apparently, the actor - who is reprising his role as Fox Mulder in the new series of The X Files - is releasing his debut album on May 12th.

What's more, he says that 'Hell or Highwater' sounds like R.E.M. or Wilco. No pressure, then. Or modesty, it would seem.

He told Access Hollywood: "I sound like I'm bragging because I'm gonna tell you [it sounds] like great sounds. To me, it's like REM. It's like Wilco… It's in my dreams, of course, is these things."

Musicians turned actors don't traditionally have the best track record - hi, Russell Crowe - but we'll wait until we hear this one to reserve judgement.