It has been revealed that the late David Bowie left $100 million (€92 millon) in his will.

The icon left his estate to his wife Iman and his two children, Duncan - whose estranged mother is his first wife, Angie Bowie - and Alexandra, whose mother is Iman.

50% of his estate, plus his Manhattan apartment, was left to Iman while his children will receive 25% each, with Alexandra also receiving a property in Woodstock, New York.

The details of his will - which was made in 2004 - were revealed in a court document filed in New York on Friday, and included further details, such as his personal assistant receiving $2 million and Duncan Jones' former nanny receiving $1 million.

He also stipulated that his ashes were to be scattered "in accordance with the Buddhist rituals" in Bali, Indonesia.