Anyone who doubts that vast difference in taste exist between American audiences and those on this side of the Atlantic should take a listen to Creed. Largely unknown over here, this Christian rock outfit from Florida have enjoyed such massive sales back in their native land that they can justifiably claim to be one of America's biggest bands. So what's all the fuss about? After all, Weathered is just a competent but unexceptional collection of angst rock, with the admittedly considerable difference that the lyrical vitriol is directed against drugs and self-abuse rather than the sins of 'straight' society. Perhaps their appeal lies mainly in their mullet-haired frontman Scott Stapp, who has a windswept kind of charisma, sings every note as if it was his last and carries most of these rather overblown onviction alone. Stirring stuff, then, but non-believers are likely to be left cold.