Made when she was just 15, Just Be Free is the album Christina Aguilera never wanted us to hear. We know this because the pop vixen herself has written a note inside to tell us that "The recordings do not in any way reflect my current musical taste and where I am as an artist." It turns out that having lost a court case to keep this pre-fame album under lock and key, she's decided to make her feelings about it clear rather than ignore it and hope her fans do the same. And you can see her point - this collection of demos is a frantic mish-mash of styles, unified only by the fact that the songs (co-written by Aguilera) are consistently awful. The distinctively raspy voice which was ultimately to make her a star is present and correct, but there's no way it can redeem material as throwaway as this. Even diehard fans would be well advised to stay clear.