During the summer, Morrissey  issued a statement alleging that he has been sexually assaulted while passing through security at San Francisco International Airport.

The musician (and now novelist) said that his penis and testicles had been groped by a TTA official who was frisking him, and discussed the incident on Larry King Livein August.

Now, Gawker has unearthed CCTV footage of the incident, although it is still difficult to see what happened clearly.

It shows the star, in a light blue shirt, passing through a detector before being stopped by an official, who frisks him before kneeling and allegedly touching him inappropriately. He then moves on

Morrissey claimed to have lodged a complaint and confronted the security personnel, who denied any wrongdoing, although there is no footage of the confrontation.


Watch the full video at Gawker here.


UPDATE: You can also watch the video below.