Bono has said that he offered Eagles of Death Metal his assistance after the attacks at their gig in Paris last month - by replacing their phones.

U2 were also in Paris to play two gigs the weekend of the attacks, and offered the band the use of their private jet - but when they didn't need it, he bought them new phones.

He told The New York Times: "We had a plane, which we put at the Eagles' use if they wanted it, but they found another way. The best thing we could do for our fellow musicians was to buy them phones.

"I spoke to Julian [Dorio] and to Jesse [Hughes]. But that was the best thing, Jesse said, just getting the phones to be texting and all the stuff that you do — social media — to find out what’s going on. Their phones were in the venue."

U2 postponed their gigs, but they have been rescheduled to this Sunday and Monday. He also recalled speaking to frontman Jesse Hughes about the incident, saying "Jesse took me through every moment. They really need proper counseling, though — not from a well-meaning Irish rock star. Because post-traumatic stress disorder is a real issue for people who go through these things. They’re going to come through fine, but it was pretty bad."