Pop fans with long memories may recall the state of indie music before Oasis came along to kick it up the backside - dark, leather-clad and very, very moody. If you feel a touch of nostalgia coming on, never fear, San Francisco trio Black Rebel Motorcycle Club are here to take you right back. Named after a biker gang in the Marlon Brando movie The Wild One, these stylish, sullen young men have been widely tipped for stardom, not least, ironically enough, by Noel Gallagher himself. Their debut album goes some way towards justifying the hype, a sharp blast of gothic guitar riffs, punky tunes and doom-laden, permanently disaffected lyrics. Comparisons with the Jesus and Mary Chain have been made and are certainly valid but it has to be stressed that beside that band BRMC come across as half-formed and rather inarticulate - they claim to be a protest group but it's highly unclear what they're protesting against. A promising start then, but true greatness remains some way down the road.