We have about a thousand and one reasons to love Beyoncé at this point. Her latest stint may be one of our favourite stints of hers ever.

Beyoncé and hubby Jay-Z are currently performing at various locations for their On The Run II Tour.

Last night, they sang at Stade de France in Paris and knowing that their fans were as big fans of the footie as they are of Queen Bee – and given France were competing against Croatia in the final – the epic World Cup match was screened immediately before the powerhouse couple took to the stage.

Watching your country bring home the cup on a ginormous screen AND being treated to two of the biggest musicians of our time must have been a once-in-a-lifetime experience.






Beyoncé and Jay-Z had an extra treat for fans when they came out sporting France jerseys.




The couple dropped a surprise album in conglomeration with their tour last month, the debut single of which was 'APES**T'.

Beyoncé was left stranded onstage after a technical malfunction following a concert the couple performed in Warsaw, Poland, earlier this month.