You wouldn't think that Ringo Starr is hard-up for a bit of cash, but next month he is auctioning off a Beatles record that some fan will no doubt be eager to get their hands upon.

Starr is in possession of the first-ever copy of 'The Beatles' aka The White Album, their ninth studio album that was released in 1968 and has songs like 'Happiness is a Warm Gun', 'Helter Skelter' and 'Back in the U.S.S.R.' on its tracklisting.

Each album came stamped with its own serial number, and Starr is thought to have the #1 copy, even though it was long-rumoured that it belonged to John Lennon as he "shouted the loudest" for it, according to Paul McCartney in the past.

The Beatles were in possession of the first four copies, and now the #1 is going under the hammer at Julien's in Beverly Hills between December 3rd and 5th, alongside a mass of other belongings of Starr and his wife Barbara Bach. The album alone is expected to fetch up to $60,000 (€56,000).

Oh, and all proceeds from the sale are going to the charity that Starr founded, the Lotus Foundation - so he's not quite as awful as you might have thought.