More of this, please.

Bat for Lashes, aka Natasha Khan, has spoken about the changing nature of music festivals and the negative impact that phones has on them - largely because people are taking selfies and not giving their full attention to the performers.

In a new interview with The Guardian, she said that her top tip for festival-goers this year would be to 'Get off your phone, stop taking selfies and listen to the music."

She added: "People should try and disconnect from the technology and get into the spirit of things. It’s an opportunity to forget life back at home, live a magical existence, dress up, have loads of fun, get involved and forget social media. In a way, I wonder if that’s why festivals have gone a bit weird because everyone’s so concerned with Instagramming where they’re at all the time..... We had a no-phones show last month and I’d forgotten how much it really changes when the audience aren’t taking pictures of you or filming it, just when everyone’s really present."

The new Bat for Lashes album 'The Bride' is out on July 1st.