Like many long-awaited musical events, this collaboration between ex-Soundgarden singer Chris Cornell and various members of Rage Against The Machine turns out to be something of a disappointment. It's not that there's anything casual about the way it's been put together as well as having the world-class Rick Rubin on production duties, Pink Floyd sleeve designer Storm Thorgerson has been wheeled out to provide some pseudo-mystical nonsense for the front cover. No amount of trappings, however, can disguise that at heart this is simply a turgid collection of ponderous rock songs, long on bombast but pitifully short on inspiration. In fact there's an unmistakable air of fatigue hanging over the whole affair, as tired old riffs mesh with cliched lyrics that even the most angst-ridden teenager would have trouble getting worked up about. Most of the people involved here have done sterling work in the past and will, with any luck, do so again. But this is best and easily - forgotten.