If you're not aware of what Uber Pool is, basically it's a version of Uber that allows you to share a car journey so the cost will be split and it'll work out less expensive for all involved.

In other words, it's not something you'd expect a high-flying hip-hop star like Andre 3000 to be using, but the OutKast star accidentally ordered one instead of a regular Uber at the weekend.

What's more, he wasn't just heading down to the shop or out for a bite to eat - he was on his way to the studio to put a few finishing touches to Kanye West's new album 'Waves'.

Instead of getting annoyed at the mix-up, however, TMZ report that he got chatting to the woman he was pooling with - then invited her along to the studio session, where Kid Cudi, Diddy, 2 Chainz and more were hanging out with Kanye.

I think we now know the answer to 'What's cooler than being cool?' - sharing a taxi with Andre 3000 and then being invited along to the studio with some of the biggest names in rap music.

You'll find some Instagram pics posted by 2Chainz and French Montana below: