As is she wasn't already doing well for herself, Sony have decided they want to go ahead and make Adele even more wealthy in the coming years. 

The 'Hello' singer, who's already estimated to be worth around £85m, has signed a deal with Sony Music for the exclusive rights to her music worth £90m. The deal is the largest ever received by a British artist and tops the £80m contract Robbie Williams secured from EMI in 2002. 

It would also be the biggest contract ever secured by a female artist, dwarfing he £70m deal Whitney Huston got from Artista in 2001. 

£90m is a huge sum no matter what way you look at it but considering Adele is one of the biggest names in music right now it's huge for Sony to have exclusive rights to her music.

Michael Jackson's estate still holds the record for the biggest ever recording contract. Signed nine months after his death, Sony paid £250m for up to 10 new recordings, his extensive back catalogue and franchising. 

Via The Irish Times