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The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On

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Release Date: Wednesday 6th April 2022

Genre(s): Romance

The first series of the Netflix original came out yesterday and honestly, it may be the most chaotic dating show that they've produced yet.

The premise of the show is that within the couples that are on the show, one of them wants to get married and one doesn't or allegedly isn't completely sure yet. The person who wants to get married issues their partner an ultimatum: we get married at the end of this experiment or we move on.

Pretty much everybody, including the "unsure" partner, says that they're in love with their S/O at the beginning. But it quickly becomes clear, like ten minutes in, that so many of them are there to soft-launch a break-up that they didn't have the balls to do off their own bat.

We hear a lot of "well you brought me here" in defence of wandering eyes, hands and words. We hear a lot of Madlyn actually despising her fella from the moment she opens her mouth. It actually becomes hard to conceive that a lot of the couples even like each other.

But get this — the maddest thing about the show isn't even the premise. No, no. The cast is mwah, mwah, (kissing fingers) iconic, they don't need marriage on the horizon with a potential stranger to act up, they could do it in their sleep. Some of them do — Zay, we're looking at you.

By episode 1 you've got Jake proclaiming his love for his girlfriend in one breath and then saying he could marry someone else (Rae) in the next. By episode 2 you've got an unplanned, off-schedule engagement that probably have Nick and Vanessa Lachay licking their reality- tele lips. Five minutes later, you've got unplanned, off-schedule engagement number 2 that have Nick, Vanessa, and everyone else including us literally asking "what the actual f?"

The juiciness does not stop coming. April could be pregnant, Colby cheats on Madlyn with someone who's not even in the experiment, and Rae hits her fella? It's wild.

It's like 'Love is Blind' everyone is Jessica from season 1. It's like 'Love Island' but every relationship is Chloe and Toby without a happy ending. It's like 'Married at First Sight' but the couples treat each even worse because they're not trying to impress somebody new.

We don't just recommend you to watch it. We implore you to watch it.

Keep an eye out for episode 9 and the reunion coming out on the 13th of April. We'll see you back here for the goss.