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Ted Lasso 15

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Actors: Jason Sudeikis, Hannah Waddingham, Juno Temple, Nick Mohammed

Release Date: Friday 23rd July 2021

Genre(s): Comedy, Sports

If Ted Lasso were a treat, he'd be those delicious-looking biscuits he's always handing out to Rebecca every morning.

Returning for a second season run, it's Jason Sudeikis and his workplace comedy series 'Ted Lasso'. He's a fish out of the water no more, but this time around he's got some bigger fish to fry - himself.

Having been relegated at the end of season one, the opening episode of season two picks up with AFC Richmond during a pivotal moment of their latest football game. Cristo Fernández's player Dani Rojas steps up to secure a win for the team - but something rather unfortunate happens which sets off the theme for this season nicely - mental health.

Yes, you might imagine this is quite a heavy topic for a comedy series, and a sports comedy at that, but it ever-so-slightly shifts the dynamic we saw established in season one, ensuring 'Ted Lasso' enters into a realm of even more relatable drama, all with a comedy spin. All of those hilarious anecdotes, morals and sayings from Sudeikis' character ensures that the main character's southern charm is very much intact, even if the season dives that much deeper.

The inclusion of therapy for the football team introduces a brand new character who leaves Lasso feeling like he's been placed under the spotlight all over again. Whereas season one saw him appear to not be phased by his new place on the team, Sarah Niles' character Dr. Sharon Fieldstone certainly appears to rattle Lasso's unhinged cage even more so than before.

The secondary characters are given much more space to grow in season two, ensuring each of them is given an opportunity to shine that bit brighter. Once unnerved and sure of herself, Hannah Waddingham’s Rebecca is giggly and youthful (with the help of Juno Temple's Keeley) as she embarks on the dating scene; Brett Goldstein’s Roy Kent quickly becomes your favourite character, adapting to retired life by hanging out with his yoga moms and being brutally honest with everyone he meets; while Phil Dunster’s Jamie, who returned to Manchester City last season, finds himself taking part in a very familiar-looking TV series. 

While still ensuring its charm is very much intact, all the while presenting us with a heavier topic than before, 'Ted Lasso' season two delivers on being the most relatable TV series of the year. This is going to be a sure-fire hit once again - bring on season three!

'Ted Lasso' season two begins on Apple TV+ on Friday, July 23.