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Sexy Beasts 12

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Season: 1

Actors: Rob Delaney

Release Date: Wednesday 21st July 2021

Genre(s): Reality, Romance

In a world where reality TV dating series are over-run with super sexy individuals wanting to be the next big TV star, it's refreshing to have a series where the potential love-matches don't have a clue what the other person on their date looks like. Well, they can see them in the flesh of course, but they're dressed like a chicken. Or a mouse. Or a scarecrow...

Narrated by Rob Delaney ('Catastrophe', 'Deadpool 2'), Netflix’s daft AF show 'Sexy Beasts' attempts to let romantic hopefuls’ personalities do the talking as they go on dates around London in incredibly elaborate and real-looking make-up and prosthetics. One lucky duck goes on three different dates with three potential suitors, eventually whittling them down to just one person at the end of the episode. Only at the end of each episode are the daters' true identities revealed (except for the first one to be eliminated after the first date), with all of the prosthetics coming off to reveal who is underneath.

Whoever did the make-up for this series does a phenomenal job of it; every part of the daters' skin is covered up with make up, making it impossible to really tell what they look like underneath. And when their true identities are revealed, prepare to be blown away - every single person on this series is very, very attractive. If you never thought it possible that you’d end up fancying a rhino, a frog, or hell, even a statue, then prepare to have your world turned upside-down. 

This is one of the few caveats of 'Sexy Beasts'. While yes, it's a unique and totally out-there concept for a TV series - getting "rid" of superficial dating - when the people underneath the make-up are all either models or drop-dead gorgeous, it makes the series come off as ever-so hollow.

Still, the reveals are the best part of the series, with the contestants' upbeat energies throughout also being a highlight. Having said that, should there be a season two renewal, it would be nice to have some LGBTQ+ inclusion in the mix next time.

Ultimately, if you're in the mood for watching some lovable beasts attempt to awkwardly drink cocktails while dressed as a bull, then this is the type of quirky show you're going to love. Fun to see play out without the concept becoming too stale, 'Sexy Beasts' is made up of six 30-minute episodes bursting with cheesy animal jokes and charming singletons on the hunt for love.

All episodes of 'Sexy Beasts' are available on Netflix from Wednesday, July 21.